Fitness Education and Online Courses for Healthcare Professionals Fitness Education and Online Courses for Healthcare Professionals

About the NutriGenius program

“To help people adopt a healthier, sustainable and more meaningful way of living.”

At NutriGenius, we aim to set the standard in the arena of Health and Fitness Education by delivering outstanding services for professionals and the general public.

Community involvement is incredibly important to us, and we are affiliated with multiple charitable causes. We sponsor and provide lifetime memberships to individuals achieving both academic and athletic excellence.

From the Universities of Cambridge and Sydney to notable athletes, we are affiliated with a multitude of institutions, sporting teams and notable professionals from around the world.

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Flexible courses to suit any schedule

  • Hypertrophy 101

    A course designed to explain hypertrophy using an easily digestible paradigm. We introduce the key players in the hypertrophy mechanism including nutrition, training and hormones.

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  • Athletic Performance

    Understand the different components of fitness. Learn how to design optimal nutrition and training regimes for peak athletic performance for different sports.

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  • Mental Health 101

    1 in 5 people experience mental illness in developed countries such as the US and Australia, with 1 in 4 in the UK. Learn how to coach and help people with mental health issues and make a real impact by enabling positive changes.

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  • Advanced Hypertrophy

    Delve further into the details of hormonal regulation of hypertrophy. Be acquainted with the epigenetic mechanisms of muscle gain and the molecular and cellular biology of hypertophy.

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  • Business 101 for Fitness Professionals

    Enhance your business acumen. Learn the most effective sales techniques and boost your earning potential.

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  • Forever Young

    Live a long and healthy life. Learn the optimal nutrition, exercise and sleep regimes to slow ageing and prolong physical performance and mental sharpness. Live life to the fullest!

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The NutriGenius approach

The Nutrigenius approach is as simple as 1-2-3!!!

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    1. Make it fun - Use illustrative means, such as animation to explain complex scientific information.

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    2. Encourage relationships - Provide a framework for learning collaboration, networking and support.

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    3. Make it practical and applicable - Inspire graduates to contribute and make a positive impact in the world.

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NutriGenius is different

At Nutrigenius we believe in listening first.
We take on board the feedback we receive and promptly apply it to constantly refine our services.
The programs we develop reflect the current needs of the industry as these have been voiced by our diverse clients.
We are proud to be providing the latest information and breakthrough science and we are
committed to be the world’s leaders in disseminating novel scientific findings to fitness and healthcare professionals.

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The results speak
for themselves

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