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BCAAs – Good or bad for you?

BCAAs have been extensively used in body building and other sports due to their effects in muscle building and fuelling.

Despite their beneficial effects, research has shown that BCAAs promote insulin resistance, lead to obesity and diabetes and lower one’s lifespan.

So, is ingestion of BCAAs beneficial or detrimental?

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How to boost your immunity

In times like this, with a world-wide pandemic soaring the planet, boosting the immune system is paramount.

The concept of boosting immunity is enticing, but the ability to do so has proved elusive with a plethora of anecdotal non-evidence-based information going around.

So what does science tell us?

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How to lose fat

How is your fat loss going? Getting progress?

So you started a diet a few weeks ago… You eat “clean”; meat, chicken, fish and veggies. Healthy fats in controlled portions and you don’t touch any carbs, the devil’s product. Although you responded very well initially, nowadays you are struggling to get results.

Is there a solution?

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Does weight training stunt growth?

“Do not do weights at a young age – It will stunt your growth!”

It has been a popular belief for years that weight training is not good for children, even for adolescents, since they have not yet reached their full stature, as it will stunt their growth.

Is this true?

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Carbohydrates and health

In modern society, carbs have been condemned for being the villain that makes us put on weight. High Protein / High Fat / Low Carb diets are very popular, with the “Atkins diet”, “Keto”, the “Zone”, “Paleo” being some examples. Evidently, the belief that “carbs are bad” is growing.

So what does science show in regards to carbohydrate intake and health?

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Is Vitamin C beneficial for immunity?

With winter slowly kicking in, it is good to ensure a powerful nutritional arsenal to fight common cold. Although usually not a serious condition, it is a very unpleasant one accompanied by symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, cough, watery eyes, sneezing and congestion. Children are more susceptible to colds, but even healthy adults may experience colds on average five times a year. Traditionally, it has been thought that loading on Vitamin C is the best way to fight a cold.

But what does science show?

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